Depending on your specific functional and aesthetic needs, Intellistreets is offered in a variety of form factors.

Integrated “Multimedia” Luminaire

Standard features include Wireless Mesh Transceiver, Lighting Control, Alert Notification, and Concealed Placement Speaker. Additional features may be added.

Post Top Module

Includes the same features of the Integrated “Multimedia” Luminaire. May be attached to existing light poles or function in a “Stand Alone” mode without a luminaire.

On-Off Dim Module

For simpler systems that need only basic Lighting Control, this module comes in two form factors, to be mounted internally within a pole (1) or attached externally (2).

Pole Options 

Along with working with existing street poles, we also offer pole options in 5″ diameter ranging in height from 8′ up to 30′, with bases of 8″ or 18″.