WATCH: Amazing riverbank technology you have to see

WHEN the Rockhampton Riverside Precinct is complete, cities across Australia are going to be green with envy.

From historical facade lighting to technology never before seen in Australia, Rockhampton Regional Council are certainly putting their best foot forward.

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IntelliStreets: Digital Scaffolding for ‘Smart’ Cities

I’ll admit it: streetlamps have had a hold on my imagination since I was a little boy, visiting my grandmother in Baltimore. Coming from the suburbs, where there were only occasional streetlamps tacked on to utility poles, streetlamps were an elegant aspect of urban life to me.

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From Functional to Spectacular

Whether it’s color-changing columns decorating the entrance square of the Phoenix Civic Center, an exciting fountain light show in West Florida mixed-use center, or dynamic color-changing street lights in Barcelona, Spain, solid-state lighting is taking center stage in allowing designers to create eye-catching streetscape spectacles.

Why? Because the tiny light sources are so energy efficient, long-lasting and can be installed on unique surfaces or hard-to-reach locations, they are ideal for such applications.

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Intellistreets: Big Brother or Big Idea?

Those crying foul over our Intellistreets lighting, security and information system seem to have two consistent qualities: they know little if nothing about the overwhelming merits of our potentially life-saving technology; and, everything they ever learned they learned from the “Big Brother” movies.

What the Intellistreets system is designed to do is simply make our streets safer, more energy efficient and smarter, while being informative and entertaining.

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On the Street Where You Live… Better Lights Bring Better Quality of Life

Say goodbye to the mean streets of the city. Say hello to “green streets” instead.

A Michigan company provides better security, “greener” options and even revenue builders – all within a simple streetlight.

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IntelliStreets: Lighting the Way for Sustainable Cities

Independently organized TEDxDetroit assembled an impressive line-up of Michigan entrepreneurs to share their Big Ideas with Detroit’s active social network. The focus of the day was sustainability: responsible business, exceptional education, strong communities, and innovative technologies. So, what’s the Big Idea for cities? Intelligent Streets.

The IntelliStreets name demonstrates the importance of branding for environmental design. Derived from a southeast-Michigan based company, “IntelliStreets is the wireless digital infrastructure that controls, monitors and maintains the sensory world.” The IntelliStreets street light integrates energy efficient technologies and environmental sensors for a dynamic device that both gives and receives data wirelessly.

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Farmington Hills company installs wireless Intellistreet systems

With a blast of the U2 song “Beautiful Day” Friday morning, Farmington Hills became home to the first wireless Intellistreet light-pole system in the world — a network of street lamps that can feature everything from hidden speakers to electronic signs to water-level monitors.

Behind the new urban-communication device is Farmington Hills’ Illuminating Concepts. The company office and Café Cortina sit on the strip of 10 Mile east of Orchard Lake, where the city’s eight new poles are. This model boasts dimmable lights and a smaller flashing notification light, though not the eye-catching digital signage option.

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City’s Streetlights Illuminate With Possibilities

The streetlights in Farmington have been given a makeover by a former Disney designer.

Ron Harwood invented Intellistreets, which is a concept that cranks out streetlights that serve a purpose more than just illumination.

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Everything is Illuminated: Intellistreets Evolves the Humble Light Bulb

If you want proof that new and old technologies can coexist in harmony, look no further than the historic streetscapes of Greenfield Village. There you’ll find paths illuminated by LED (light-emitting diode) lamps atop replicas of vintage light posts made from recycled Ford engine blocks.

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Music Man Ron Harwood’s Illuminating Concepts

Ron Harwood has the lighting controls to London’s new Wembley Stadium, England’s national football shrine, sitting on the desk in his office.

His office is in Farmington Hills.

Through the brilliance of MediamorFX, his trademarked, Web-based lighting and special-effects program adapted for use by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Harwood and his homegrown company, Illuminating Concepts, can maintain a watchful eye on some of the world’s most recognizable locations. Celebrating its 30th anniversary next year, Illuminating Concepts (IC) specializes in “immersion experiences” as lighting designer for Walt Disney World in Orlando, the China National Film Museum in Beijing, Godiva and Niketown retail chains, locally for Comerica Park, the Fox Theatre, and Greenfield Village, and most recently for Las Vegas’ spectacular $9-billion MGM City Center, the largest single private development in American history.

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Morning Security Brief: Intellistreets Debuts, Captcha Problems, Mine Disaster Security Chief Found Guilty, and More

On Friday, the controversial new intelligent street light created by Intellistreets made its debut on a stretch of road in Detroit. The system was created to make “smart,” energy-saving streetlights. The lights, also equipped with wireless transmitters, can be programmed by authorities to show messages or alerts, directions, or even display advertisements through digital signage on the poles. The poles also include proximity sensors and a people counter. “The Intellistreets concept has drawn online criticism from civil liberties and religious Web sites, where posters fear it will be used to track citizens,” CBS news reports. In response to negative reactions from blogs last week, Intellistreets released a statement saying the Intellistreets system is designed to “simply make our streets safer, more energy efficient and smarter, while being informative and entertaining.” In the same statement, the company also said DHS has showed interest in the technology.

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4 Cities Using Tech to Alleviate Traffic

Intellistreets – a wireless network of dimmable, programmable and “smart” LED streetlighting that offers energy conservation, safety and traffic direction – has recently been installed in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

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IntelliStreets: Digital Scaffolding for ‘Smart’ Cities

I’ll admit it: streetlamps have had a hold on my imagination since I was a little boy, visiting my grandmother in Baltimore. Coming from the suburbs, where there were only occasional streetlamps tacked on to utility poles, streetlamps were an elegant aspect of urban life to me.

Now I’ve fallen in love with streetlamps all over again, because of the IntelliStreets version of the venerable urban fixture. homeland security, energy conservation, the Internet of Things, and “smart cities” rolled into one, Intellistreets hits all of my hot button issues!

I think this new streetlamp-on-steroids may not only be very important in its own right, but also as a precursor to a wide range of Internet-enabled devices that meet multiple needs because they are “smart” and networked.

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Intellistreets goes live in Farmington Hills

A stretch of 10 Mile Road just east of Orchard Lake Road in Farmington Hills has officially become a test bed for a new brand of intelligent street lamp.

The Intellistreets system from Farmington Hills-based lighting contractor Illuminating Concepts places energy-efficient, wirelessly controlled LED lighting atop metal poles.

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Streetlights Can Do that?  An Entrepreneur Creates Smarter Cities

What do music, the iPhone and Hurricane Katrina have to do with streetlights? If you are Ron Harwood, everything. Ron is the inventor of Intellistreets, an LED street light system that goes way beyond simply lighting our streets.

Ron Harwood is the inventor of Intellistreets, a system of connected technologies installed within city street light posts to form an intelligent wireless network for services, safety, and entertainment (streetlights as part of the Internet of Things)

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Before we installed the Intellistreets smart city lighting technology, the Riverside area of the city was unattractive and offered little reason to visit.  With the help of Intellistreets, we have transformed the entire precinct into a state of the art, vibrant, safe community space that attracts locals and tourists alike!

Drew Stevenson, Rockhampton Regional Council, Manager Corporate & Technology

Smart City Infrastructure starts with smart lighting and the best smart city lighting in the world is Intellistreets. It is already deployed at various iconic international precincts and is now available in Australia.

Simon OndaatjeIntellistreets Australia