So smart, it’s thought of everything

Sustainable – maintains and conserves natural and human resources and effectively eliminates carbon footprint from street lighting maintenance.

Easy to manage lighting infrastructure, with control of the entire system via web-based user-interface.

Secure – audio storage and playback is built in for mass notifications and egress wayfinding

Dynamic lighting and audio broadcast transforms everyday spaces into extraordinary spaces, without additional equipment.

Enhances environmental streetscape and pedestrian experience through a range of multimedia options.

World-leading IoT interoperability, with a single user-friendly interface

Increases profitability for tourism and business applications

WIFI connectivity provides 250 ft coverage around street poles

Already used in dozens of cities across the US, Intellistreets has provisioned renowned projects like Wembley Arena and the New Orleans Superdome

Compatible with ClearWorld Solar LED lighting

Features & Benefits


  • Intellistreets is the most effective way to maintain and conserve natural and human resources needed to protect our country and reduce our carbon footprint. The Intellistreets multi-media system is described below:
  • Intellistreets LED Streetlights can achieve up to 70% energy reduction over existing sources.
  • Intellistreets LED Streetlights are able to save valuable energy through adjustment of lighting levels, available via programming or via on-demand basis.
  • Intellistreets has multi-patented lighting and thermal management that can extend system life over competitors via on-board sensor input analysis.
  • Accurate reporting and monitoring of streetlighting systems saves maintenance, energy and administration costs.


  • Intellistreets offers the only wireless mesh system using bidirectional/multi-media communication between individual luminiares and the web-based user interface.
  • Audio storage and playback capability for mass notification concealed in light poles or light fixtures.
  • Egress wayfinding – Only Intellistreets offers pre-programmed simultaneous routing via sequenced lights, graphic
    banners and audio.
  • Encrypted control interface provides robust security against hacking and misuse.
  • Real time dial-up lighting control and multimedia features with mobile devices

Community Engagement

  • This system is an integral component to the environmental streetscape, enhancing the pedestrian experience through a wide variety of multimedia options.
  • Dynamic Lighting – Wireless control of color-changing accessory lights facilitates the transformation of an ordinary space for a special event without additional equipment.
  • Intellistreets facilitates the use of audio broadcast from playlists. The simple drag-and-drop interface acts like a standard MP3 player.
  • Intellistreets wireless full range audio eliminates conduit & cabling costs; only wired audio systems are on the market.

  • Lighting Control

    With patented wireless technology to communicate to individual luminaires, streetlights are able to save up to 70% in energy consumption and extend life to 10 years and beyond. The system provides unique flexibility in dimming and on-demand adjustability.

  • Concealed Placement Speaker

    A fully integrated speaker within each multi-media luminaire provides audio at the street level for ambient music, pre-recorded announcements, dial-up mass notification and advertising.

  • Emergency Call Station

    The emergency call station is a communication device designed for the public to easily call for help. Available as a stand alone unit or mounted to a pole, utilizing the Intellistreets audio notifications and alert indicator lights.

  • Wireless Mesh Receiver

    With a centralized interface and wireless transceivers on each pole, the system allows for bidirectional communication between streetlights and other integral sensors. The mesh topology also provides self-healing for the network should one or more light poles become disabled.

  • Digital Signage

    The digital banner is a 2-sided LED display that provides street level visual communication. Custom graphics can be used for advertising, community announcements and real-time alert notifications. Additionally, digital street-signs allow for better traffic management.

  • Image Sensors

    180 degree image sensors are concealed and offer a unique method of gauging pedestrian traffic, providing accurate data by the minute, hour or day. This is a powerful tool for tenants, landlords and public safety officials.

  • Alert Notifications

    Visible 24 hours a day, with four selectable colors, the LED indicator provides customized indication for egress routes, notifications and managing traffic conditions.

  • Dynamic Lighting

    Wireless control of color changing lights facilitates the transformation of an ordinary space for a special event without additional equipment.

  • Environmental Sensor

    Environmental sensors can detect and report the presence of water, wind, heat, and lethal gas.


For any local government thinking about making a foray into the smart city arena, you should definitely consider the Intellistreets’ technology. It is easily deployable, cost effective and very impactful.

Drew StevensonRockhampton Regional Council, Manager Corporate & Technology

Now I’ve fallen in love with streetlamps all over again, because of the IntelliStreets version of the venerable urban fixture. Homeland security, energy conservation, the Internet of Things and Smart Cities.  Intellistreets hits all of my hot button issues!

W Davis StephensonThe Huff Post