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Intellistreets brings the world’s best smart city infrastructure to Australian urban spaces – so that councils, businesses, residents and visitors can enjoy inspiring outdoor spaces with an environmental conscience.

Smart Cities think differently. They are progressive, resource-efficient and cost-sensitive. They seek forward-thinking infrastructure solutions that tackle current global challenges like climate change and scarcity of resources. And at the same time they seek to secure economic opportunity and quality of life for urban populations.

If this describes your council or precinct, Intellistreets Smart City lighting will recreate and redefine your urban  space, putting you well and truly ahead of the curve.

Intellistreets lighting is the world’s first and only outdoor media system of its kind, a wireless, intelligent control system designed for the complex needs of the modern cityscape. It combines ultra-modern LED lighting, PA-quality sound, and multimedia information, transforming precincts into safe, energy-efficient spaces.

Intellistreets technology is smart enough to reduce power consumption by 50% or more and dramatically reduces maintenance costs, so it’s an ethical and cost-effective investment. No other product on the market can match its variety of features and interoperability.

The Intellistreets system is the brainchild of Ron Harwood, President and Founder of Illuminating Concepts in Michigan, US and one of the most sought-after lighting and sound designers in the world. It has been successfully deployed in some of the world’s most iconic buildings and precincts, including the Wembley Stadium District in London, the Aberdeen Centre in Vancouver, the Liberty Centre in Ohio USA and the City Of Detroit, Michigan.

CEO and Founder of Intellistreets Australia, Simon Ondaatje has over 20 years experience in global infrastructure across a diverse range of industries, including smart city infrastructure. After a five-year journey investigating the evolution of smart city planning and technological solutions worldwide, he has introduced Intellistreets to Australia, where it is already redefining urban spaces.

Rockhampton City Council recently introduced Intellistreets lampposts to its CBD streets and Riverwalk district, creating a unique showcase for dynamic shared spaces. The installation has transformed the environment, attracting locals and tourists and benefiting local businesses and event organisers.

Intellistreets is a uniquely customisable and easily deployable opportunity to take the first step into the Smart City arena. Why not join us on the journey?

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  • Sustainability

    Intellistreets is the most effective way to maintain and conserve natural and human resources needed to protect our country and reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Security

    Intellistreets offers the only wireless mesh system using bidirectional/multi-media communication between individual luminaires and the web-based user interface.

  • Community Engagement

    This system is an integral component to the environmental streetscape, enhancing the pedestrian experience through a wide variety of multimedia options.


Intellistreets is designed to make our streets safer, more energy efficient and smarter, while being informative and entertaining.

Ron HarwoodIntellistreets US

Smart City Infrastructure starts with smart lighting and the best smart city lighting in the world is Intellistreets. It is already deployed at various iconic international precincts and is now available in Australia

Simon OndaatjeIntellistreets Australia